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About Us


Shift Advantage utilizes corporate responsibility, climate, and sustainability expertise to empower organizations to meet new market demands, reduce costs, create competitive advantage, and foster long-term growth.


We have proven success in designing and implementing a wide range of strategies and initiatives for corporations, non-profits, and industry groups. By understanding the unique needs of each client, Shift Advantage delivers the best solutions for the best value.


Eric Brody

Founder and principal of Shift Advantage, Eric Brody has over 25 years of experience designing and implementing sustainability and ESG strategies for businesses and non-profits. His expertise includes goal-setting and reporting, materiality assessments, supplier assessments and improvement plans, stakeholder engagement, and employee and consumer education. Eric has led initiatives in carbon footprint analysis, life cycle assessments, and eco-footprints, as well as product, material, and packaging improvements. Before founding Shift Advantage, Eric worked as Sustainability Business Integration Manager for Nike and Sustainability Director for Nau, where he was recognized for his innovative sustainability practices. He has taken leadership roles in industry collaborative working groups and non-profit organizations to create industry standards, including facilitating the development of the OIA’s Eco-Index, and contributing to the development of SAC’s Higg tools, WWF’s Climate Savers Program, and the Sustainable Packaging Coalition. 


Erin Stevanus

Erin Stevanus is a change management consultant with a focus on achieving sustainable, systems-level change. She works with leaders and their teams to find innovative solutions to complex problems, using people-centered transition management methodologies infused with human-centered design. Erin guides organizations through the process of building strategies and internal capacity for change, with expertise in stakeholder engagement, communication strategy, and learning design. She also designs and facilitates co-creative experiences for cross-functional teams. As a writer and musician, Erin brings a unique perspective to her work, exploring issues related to identity, resilience, and freedom. She is committed to creating positive, lasting impact for her clients.


Todd Copeland

Todd Copeland brings 14 years of experience at outdoor clothing company Patagonia, where he implemented programs to reduce environmental impacts and create more sustainable products. He has led a wide range of programs, including climate leadership strategies, sustainability roadmaps and goals, environmentally preferred materials initiatives, chemical policies, restricted substances (RSL) programs, green chemistry certifications, animal welfare programs, product end-of-life and closed-loop recycling initiatives, regenerative and organic agriculture standards, and traceable supply chains. Todd has engaged with entire supply chains, from retailers to manufacturers to chemical producers and farms. He has visited over 200 factories and 50 farms in 37 countries to perform assessments and roll-out environmental initiatives. Todd has helped develop sustainability measurement tools, including the SAC’s Higg Index. His background includes 5 years at Honda R&D Americas, and he has an engineering degree in Polymer & Textile Chemistry from Georgia Tech.


Motthida Chin

Motthida has over 18 years of experience in international development and facilitation of global Corporate Responsibility programs in the profit and non-profit sectors.  Motthida has been instrumental in setting-up programs for Nike, Columbia Sportswear, REI, and the International Labor Organization (ILO) Better Factories program.  Highlights of her work include establishing a governance of compliance systems, training local staff on requirements to a level that they manage the program themselves, and collaborating with stakeholders to elevate the program’s agenda and influence the sharing of good practices. Motthida was born in Cambodia and spent the first eight years of her life living under a genocidal regime. She was fortunate enough to survive, get an education in America (including a master’s degree in adult education), and is committed to helping others to have the same opportunities.


Chris Enlow

Chris Enlow brings over 18 years of experience in sustainability and ESG. His experience includes fourteen years as the senior director of sustainability, philanthropy, and advocacy at KEEN where managed supplier, product, packaging, and community programs. Chris develops corporate responsibility and ESG strategies that drive long-range planning into tangible actions with measurable results. Chris was actively involved in the development of the OIA’s Eco-Index (the building blocks for the SAC’s Higg tools); he has extensive hands-on experience rolling-out the SAC’s Higg Facility Environmental Module (FEM) and Brand Retail Module (BRM) to assess brands and their supply chains as well as to develop improvement plans; and implementation of product restricted substance list (RSL) and chemical integrity programs. Chris is also very active in the community and currently sits of the boards of Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics and The Conservation Alliance.


Emily Knudsen

Emily has more than a decade of experience leading engagements for organizations of various sizes, from first-year startups to Fortune 500 firms. Her experience includes advising clients and leading project teams to deliver materiality assessments, benchmarking analyses, ESG reporting and disclosure strategies, sustainability and target-setting strategies, cross-sectoral stakeholder engagement plans, and sustainability communications. She has deep expertise in leading accounting frameworks and reporting standards and has earned multiple certificates in Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting as well as levels I and II of the Fundamentals of Sustainability Accounting (FSA) credential developed by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB). Emily earned her MBA from the University of Washington’s Milgard School of Business, where she later taught corporate sustainability courses to undergraduates. 


Erin Hinton

Erin specializes in data collection and analysis, transforming complex datasets into informative and actionable reports and presentations. Her skillset includes managing multifaceted projects, engaging and collaborating with stakeholders, and creating informative and productive events. One of Erin’s recent projects involved stakeholder outreach and interviews to create comprehensive reports and presentations for the ZDHC, the industry working group (comprised of top brands such as Nike, Gap, and Levi’s) with a mission to lead the apparel and footwear industry towards zero discharge of hazardous chemicals. Additionally, Erin was involved in the investigation and analysis of historical data to determine potential correlations among air quality metrics, population demographics, public demonstrations, factory shutdowns, and implementation of government regulation in Chinese cities.


Dan Tremblay

Dan Tremblay brings a blend of environmental science, social equity, and sustainable business expertise to his work. Dan supports clients on GHG and ESG verifications and certifications, brand benchmarking, packaging and product footprints, supplier environmental assessments, eco-indexes, environmental scorecards, waste reduction and management, product chemistry restricted substance programs, and regulatory compliance. Dan’s background also includes teaching science and outdoor education to high school students, and three years of volunteer service in the Philippines with the U.S. Peace Corps. Dan has an MBA with a sustainable business focus from the University of Oregon and a B.S. in Environmental Chemistry from Oregon State.


Justin Yuen

Justin Yuen and his Grouptrail team is Shift Advantage’s strategic partner for online collaboration solutions (project management, stakeholder tracking, CSR report workflow, team engagement, and more). Justin founded Grouptrail, a collaboration software with a commitment to sustainability, after a successful career at Nike managing corporate sustainable development. Justin’s accomplishments at Nike included creating organizational change programs, collaboration tools, and global employee engagement efforts. Grouptrail reflects Justin’s passion for sustainability, a deep interest in how advances in technology can help lessen our impact on the planet while positively affecting society, and how social media spurs innovation.


Sam Gilbertson

Sam is passionate about decarbonization and the necessary global energy transition. He supports organizations on environmental management guidance, carbon footprint analysis, and sustainability reporting. Sam specializes in greenhouse gas accounting and disclosure. He also cares deeply about young people finding meaningful career paths and supports undergraduate students as an adjunct professor in Environmental Studies. Sam has an MBA and Master of Science in Environmental Studies from University of Montana with a focus on carbon accounting and net-zero business strategies.

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