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Shift Advantage's approach and expertise was incredibly valuable in guiding Eddie Bauer on our sustainability journey. Shift Advantage delivered excellent work and provided pragmatic guidance and recommendations, including an actionable sustainability roadmap; carbon footprint of our products, packaging and operations; and a materiality assessment of our business. We enjoyed working with their team on multiple engagements. 

Damien Huang

Eddie Bauer

At the start of our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) journey, we engaged with Shift Advantage to facilitate the development of our Scope 1 and 2 GHG inventory baseline, benchmarking, stakeholder engagement, ESG pillars and vision, goal setting and KPI development all leading to a comprehensive ESG Strategy.  Shift Advantage's expert guidance allowed us to understand our hot spots, identify opportunities for improvement, take action, show measurable improvements, and report to CDP. They provided the tools needed to measure, track, report, and continue to make progress on our ESG goals. We were continually impressed with the Shift Advantage team's passion, knowledge, and commitment to drive our sustainability efforts. The Shift Advantage team is focused on helping companies that REALLY want to make a difference and a big part of that is sharing their years of knowledge and connections within the ESG space. Shift Advantage is our go to partner for ESG, sustainability, and climate support.

TJ Milbooke


Based on their industry experience and reputation we approached Shift Advantage to baseline the environmental footprint of our most popular running shoe and shirt. They delivered the findings in a straightforward manner that enabled us to understand our most significant impacts. Shift Advantage provided specific and achievable opportunities to improve our materials and manufacturing processes. They delivered well written and easy to understand information that we used for communication to our internal and external stakeholders. We appreciated Shift Advantage’s ability to understand our complex supply chain and product development process, manage the timeline, keep everyone happy, and deliver the expected results, and then some.

Chase Mueller
Chase Mueller

Brooks Sports, Inc.

There’s a line by the hero Gimili in The Lord of the Rings that says “Certainty of death, small chance of success… What are we waiting for?” The Nike environment can feel like that at times; fast-paced, almost impossible-to-meet deadlines for critical events that demand a “premium” level of delivery. I need consultants who hear that and ask, “What are we waiting for?” That’s why Shift Advantage is my go-to provider. I can count on Shift Advantage to be my partner every step of the way. I’m consistently impressed with their dedicated and talented people that deliver on time and on budget in a style that exceeds expectations. Over the 3 years of working with Shift Advantage the result has been the creation of multiple business simulations that deliver on their promise to drive a mindset change. I can’t recommend the Shift Advantage team enough.

Eric Hedaa
Eric Hedaa

NIKE, Inc.

We reached out to Shift Advantage to create our latest sustainability report. Their work included developing a work-plan, creating the outline and structure, collecting data and information, and writing content for the report. The result was a report we are proud to share with our customers. It was a pleasure to work with Shift Advantage. The experience was simply amazing.

Elizabeth Stover
Elizabeth Stover

Reser's Fine Foods

Shift Advantage has provided us with expertise and guidance starting in 2008 and continuing through 2015. Highlights of Shift Advantage’s support includes helping us give birth to our first GRI Sustainability Report, and helping us create our global chemical management/RSL program to meet complex global regulatory requirements and voluntary standards. Access to Shift Advantage’s experience, wisdom, and gentle guiding force has been instrumental in our efforts. Whenever we get stuck on an issue, Shift Advantage has quickly got us “unstuck” and provided creative, professional guidance to get us back on track. I strongly recommend Shift Advantage for social, environmental, and CSR leadership-consultancy. Their depth and breadth of experience, and vast reservoir of useful protocols and tools makes them an essential resource. Shift Advantage gets it and will help you get it done!

Kirk Richardson
Kirk Richardson

KEEN, Inc.

Shift Advantage’s Principal, Eric Brody provided invaluable counsel and expertise as we were designing Nau’s business practices from the ground up with the idea of sustainability guiding the entire design process. His applied knowledge is extensive, and his pragmatic, analytical approach enables informed decision making in a world that is inherently complex and characterized by rapid change. Beyond his own considerable body of knowledge and experience, Eric is readily able to draw upon an extensive network of professional relationships that have been nurtured over the arc of his career working at the forefront of the emerging sustainability and corporate social responsibility field.

Ian Yolles
Ian Yolles

Nau, Inc.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Eric Brody [principal of Shift Advantage] through a variety of BSR’s working groups including our Ethical Sourcing Forum, Beyond Monitoring Working Group, and our efforts to engage with mills and sundry suppliers on labor, environmental and health and safety issues. Eric’s deep technical expertise around supply chain management, strong communication skills, and ability to think creatively and analytically made him an invaluable asset within all of these forums. His insights, ideas, and drive made him a leader within our various working groups.

Ayesha Barenblat
Ayesha Barenblat (Khan)

Business for Social Responsibility (BSR)

Eric Brody [principal of Shift Advantage] was a founding member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition and a key member of its leadership. As an NGO stakeholder working with Eric, it was clear he was experienced across a broad array of business issues, including the complexity involved with implementing social and environmental programs. Eric brings energy and expertise to any team.

Anne Johnson
Anne Johnson


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